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This Wonderful Life -- A Mom with Boys

Posted on September 23, 2013 at 11:36 AM
After my interview with Brooke de Lench, I shared my own thoughts about football and being a mom on the sidelines:

In the beginning, football was just a little game--play some flag, have some fun, move up to C-League and learn the game. But that was before No Vacation In August became No Vacation At All.....

We never sent our boys out to become gladiators: To get beat up, yelled at, dirty, scabbed and injured. We sent them out to get a jump-start on what we know they have to learn eventually--that life is mostly unfair, talent trumps hard work, the boss does play favorites, you've got to do what you are supposed to do, and, even when you do--that the worst possible thing will happen at the worst possible moment. And you have to learn from all of it and push onward. Everyone survives. In the end, most of the time, no one dies.

We want our boys to learn from football that there will be another game, on another day--so you better be prepared next time. The score will start out zero to zero and, and on any given day, both teams show up, on time, and dressed to play. Either team can win. The team that wins is the team that is best prepared, does their job, wants it most, executes, and calls the best plays. The winning team only finishes after the game is over.

We send our boys out there to learn life lessons, to learn how to deal with adversity, to win with honor, and to lose gracefully. We want our boys to put themselves out there with their whole hearts and, win or lose, become better men. Somehow, we know that under that sweaty, dirty uniform, is the man they will become and we want that guy to drive into manhood with honor, dignity, confidence and experience.

We hope our boys make friends, have some laughs, and have fun. We really hope they have good men for coaches, and learn that in football, like in life, a person gets what they give. We want them to learn that nothing worthwhile is ever given freely--it is earned. And we want them to know that they won't get anything without putting themselves out there--with desire, trying, learning, striving, and mastering the game. Use your words! Ask for what you want! Go after it! Master it! Teach others! Lead!

We want our boys to learn that perseverance is everything. Focus is key. We hope they keep their eyes on the ball and their heart in the game--to the very end, no matter what is happening on the scoreboard. We want them to know that they won't always win, but if they give all they've got, they will have a winning heart. And that is really what we wish for our boys.

Everyone has to stop playing football sometime.....but the heart beats on until the end. So, it is their hearts we have been concentrating on. We focus on their hearts through loss, through adversity, through disappointment, and happiness. And for them--it is through the eyes of a team, that they will learn true appreciation--for the winning AND for the losing. Because after a whole lot of defeat, victory is sweet.

If our boys can celebrate their defeats and take the lessons learned to the next game or to the next phase of their lives--they've won. We want them to own that only a quitter loses every time. May our boys break out the swagger, contain the sorrow, remember the victories, and use it all to fuel their futures. A future with the sweet memory, and the benefit of football.

When they win, let's hope that they cherish the moment and take a second to look around, high five their teammates and feel, really celebrate with joy. Football has taught us that much of what they do on the field and from now on in life will be up to them. They do it alone. We can only support, love, and pray for them. And we will be in the stands, in their hearts, on the sideline, rooting them onward.

By Sherry Frazier, From A letter to my boys.

Categories: Thoughts and Musings

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